Colorado-Wyoming animal and pest control in Thornton


Creature Control is a locally owned, family operated pest control and wildlife removal company servicing Thornton and the greater Denver area. All animals, all insects. Read on to learn more about Creature Control’s animal removal services in Thornton!

Thornton Wildlife Removal

Creature Control provides professional, efficient wildlife removal services in Thornton and the greater Denver area. Wildlife removal is the eviction, trapping, removal, and exclusion of unwanted wildlife – which may be mammals, birds, or even lizards. Some of the common Thornton wildlife removal services we provide are raccoon trapping and removal, bird exclusion, rodent control/mouse control, groundhog trapping, snake trapping, squirrel trapping, and much more. Bat removal in Thornton is a common request. The wetlands east of the city that adjoin the South Platte River provide harborage for millions of insects that bats feed on, making bat infestations a common problem in Thortnton. For a comprehensive guide to Colorado’s nuisance wildlife, please see our animal species pages.

Thornton Pest Control

Creature Control also provides quality pest control services to Thornton and the greater Denver area. Some of our common pest control services in Thornton are ant extermination/carpenter ant treatments, treatments for stinging insects (bees, hornets, wasps), effective bed bug treatments, as well as general pest control applications for the management of earwigs, spiders, and other occasional invaders. For more information on our pest control services in Thornton, check out our sweet insect species pages.

Creature Control is your one stop shop for all your pest control and wildlife removal services in Thornton and the greater Denver area. Give us a call at 970-300-4653, or click here to contact us by email.