Colorado-Wyoming animal and pest control in Laramie


Laramie, Wyoming was settled by people flocking west to capitalize on the new Union Pacific rail line. Since then, Laramie has grown to a city of over 30,000 people – and with the people have come the critters! Raccoons, skunks, groundhogs, mice and all manner of insects; all these creatures co-exist wherever people live, and Laramie, Wyoming is no different. Fortunately, Creature Control’s technicians can handle any pest control problem or wildlife problem in Laramie. Bat removal, mouse control, or pest control – all animals, all insects! Read on to learn more about Creature Control.

Laramie Animal Removal

Wildlife control is the heart of Creature Control’s business. Animal removal/wildlife control means trapping or excluding unwanted animals, repairing animal damage, and sealing up entry points to prevent future animals from getting in. We handle all manner of animal control problems: raccoon trapping and raccoon removal, bat removal, mouse control, bird removal, squirrel trapping, rock chucks, groundhogs, prairie dogs and more. Please visit our awesome animal species pages for more information on nuisance wildlife common to Wyoming and Colorado.

Laramie Pest Control

Creature Control also provides a host of pest control services for the Laramie area. Removal of bald faced hornet nests? Treatments for carpenter ants? Wasp sprays? Whatever your pest control need, Creature Control has you covered. Please click here for our insect species pages to learn more about some of the common nuisance insects in southern Wyoming.

Related Services

Creature Control understands that a wildlife control problem doesn’t always end with the removal of the animal. For that reason we provide a host of related services to help you recover the use of your home and property. Some examples of the related services Creature Control provides for the Laramie area are: quoting and installing rat walls, chimney caps, bird and vent guards, wood destroying insect inspections, removal and restoration of insulation damaged by animal urine and feces, recommendations on filing insurance claims for animal damage, and much more. We are licensed and insured residential builders, so we are capable of handling any home repairs that may be needed. Check here to learn more about the related services provided by Creature Control.