Colorado-Wyoming animal and pest control in Greeley


With any large concentration of people comes a large concentration of nuisance wildlife, whether animal, bird, or insect. This is certainly the case in Greeley. Creature Control is north-central Colorado’s premier wildlife removal and pest control company. Family owned and locally operated, Creature Control gives you a professional experience for a variety of wildlife needs, residential, commercial or municipal. All animals, all insects. Guaranteed.

Greeley Wildlife Removal

Wildlife control is the heart of Creature Control. Creature Control is the identification, removal, and exclusion of nuisance wildlife. Some of the wildlife control services we provide for Cheyenne are bat inspections and bat evictions, mouse extermination/rodent control, raccoon trapping, groundhog and rock chuck removal, squirrel trapping, and much more. For a comprehensive list of Greeley’s nuisance wildlife and the services we provide, please visit our animal species pages for more awesome information.

Greeley Pest Control

Besides animal control/wildlife removal, Creature Control also provides professional, affordable pest control services for Greeley, Fort Collins, Loveland and the surrounding areas. Pest control is the control of nuisance insects. Creature Control can handle any insect problem, whether its yellow jackets in the summer or carpenter ant treatments – ant infestations, termites, and much more. We are Greeley’s premier pest control specialists. Please visit our insect species pages for more information on the nuisance insects of Wyoming.

Related Services for Greeley

Creature Control understands that your headaches might not necessarily end with the eviction of an animal or pest. Nuisance wildlife can damage property such that additional services are necessary. Fortunately, Creature Control provides a range of related services to help restore your home after a wildlife issue and ensure it is protected against future problems. Whether it is removal and replacement of insulation damaged by animal droppings, installing rat walls to deter burrowing animals, or guiding you through the thorny process of filing an insurance claim for animal damage, Creature Control can help restore your peace of mind. Please visit our Related Services page for a complete list of wildlife related services available in Greeley.

Local to Greeley

Many wildlife removal and pest control services are national franchises or operations that farm out work from national call centers. Why spend money with a company not located locally or not familiar with local ecosystems? Creature Control is located in Loveland, from which we service seven counties in Wyoming and Colorado. We know the local ecosystem, and dollars spent with Creature Control will go back to your local economy. Use a locally owned and operated company, not a national franchise or call center. Go with someone local to the region, someone who knows Cheyenne – and not just as a name on a map.

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