Colorado-Wyoming animal and pest control in Estes Park


Creature Control is a family owned and locally operated wildlife removal and pest control company servicing Estes Park, Loveland, Longmont and the greater Fort Collins area. We can be reached at 970-300-4653, or click here to contact us by email.

Creature Control provides quality, competitively prices wildlife control and wildlife removal services for Estes Park. Wildlife control means the trapping, exclusion, or removal of animals, usually mammals and birds. Some common wildlife control services we provide for Estes Park include raccoon trapping and removal, mouse control, squirrel exclusion and squirrel trapping, groundhog and rockchuck trapping and removal, bat eviction and bat removal, bird eviction, and much more. Please visit our animal species pages for more information on wildlife control in Estes Park.

Creature Control also provides pest control services to Estes Park. Pest control is the elimination or control of insect populations. Common pest control services we provide for Estes Park include: spider control, sprays for ant control, removing wasps, yellow jacket hive removal, bed bug treatments, and much more. Visit our insect species pages for more on common insect problems.

We also provide a host of related services, such as wood destroying insect inspections, guidance in filing insurance claims for animal damage, attic restoration for insulation damaged by animal activity, carcass removal, and much more.