Colorado-Wyoming animal and pest control in Denver


Welcome to Creature Control! We are central Colorado’s premier provider of humane wildlife control solutions. With over a decades worth of experience in the animal removal and pest control industries, we provide efficient, professional services at competitive prices. All animals, all insects.

Denver Wildlife Removal & Denver Animal Control

Wildlife removal/animal control are the heart of Creature Control’s business. Wildlife removal is the trapping, removal, eviction, and exclusion of unwanted wildlife, be it mammals, birds, or even reptiles. Some of the most common calls we receive for wildlife removal in Denver are raccoon trapping and removal, squirrel trapping, skunk removal, groundhog and rock chuck trapping, and bird eviction. Bat eviction and bat removal in Denver are also common services Creature Control provides. Anytime there is a large urban area, there are going to be large bat populations. For more information on Colorado’s nuisance wildlife or our animal removal services in Denver, check out our awesome animal species pages here.

Denver Pest Control

Creature Control also provides professional pest control services in Denver and Denver County. Pest control is the management of nuisance insect and pest populations. Calls for pest control in Denver are common, as Denver is Colorado’s largest metropolitan area – and anywhere there are large concentrations of people, there are going to be insect and pest problems. Common calls for pest control in Denver are requests for bed bug treatments, cockroach treatments, and much more. Spider control, treatments for carpenter ants, and other occasional invaders are common pest control services we provide. Like most big cities, Denver also had rodent problems. Mouse control and rat control are other services our technicians can provide. For more information of Colorado’s nuisance pests and the pest control services we offer in Denver, please visit our insect species pages.

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