Colorado-Wyoming animal and pest control in Centennial-Littleton


Welcome to Creature Control. We are a family owned and locally operated wildlife removal and pest control company. We service Centennial, Littleton and the greater Denver area. Creature Control is your one-stop-shop for all pest and wildlife control needs. From the birds to the bees, there’s no problem we can’t handle. All animals, all insects. Guaranteed.

Centennial-Littleton Animal Removal

Creature Control’s animal removal services in Centennial and Littleton offer professional wildlife trapping and relocation services for situations where unwanted wildlife have invaded your home or property. Examples of the animal removal services we provide for Centennial-Littleton are raccoon trapping and raccoon removal, squirrel trapping, bird exclusion, mouse control/rodent control, as well as trapping for skunks, groundhogs, and rock chucks. One of the most common calls we handle in Centennial-Littleton is for bat removal. The lakes around Littleton and Centennial – places like Chatfield Lake, Marston Lake, and the Cherry Creek Reservoir – provide harborage for insects that bats feed on. Consequently, we get a lot of calls for bat removal in Centennial and bat removal in Littleton. For more information on Colorado’s nuisance wildlife, please visit our wildlife species pages.

Centennial-Littleton Pest Control

Creature Control also provides efficient, competitively priced pest control services in Centennial and Littleton. Whether you need a one time treatment or a recurring service, our pest control services can rid you of unwanted nuisance insects. Some of the common pest controls services we offer in Centennial and Littleton are treatments for stinging insects, carpenter ant treatments, perimeter sprays to deter occasional invaders such as earwigs, spiders, and centipedes, bed bug treatments, bald faced hornet nest removal, and much more. To learn more about Colorado’s common insects, please visit our insect pest pages.

Please give Creature Control a call at 970-300-4653 for a phone consultation, or else click here to contact us via email.