Colorado-Wyoming animal and pest control in Boulder


Welcome to Creature Control of Colorado-Wyoming! We are a locally owned and operated full-service pest control and wildlife removal company operating out of Loveland. We service seven counties in northern Colorado and southern Wyoming. There’s no wildlife problem we can’t tackle – all animals, all insects. Creature Control is your one-stop-shop for all nuisance wildlife issues in the greater Boulder area. Read on to learn more about our services!

 Boulder Wildlife Removal

Animal removal is the heart of our business. Whether its bat evictions, groundhog trapping, raccoon removal, prairie dog extermination, mouse control, rodent extermination, squirrel trapping and more! Our technicians have years of animal trapping experience and are the best value for your money in Boulder! Check out our wonderfully informative animal species pages to learn more about Colorado’s nuisance wildlife.

Boudler Pest Control

Creature Control also provides professional, efficient pest control services for all your insect needs, both common and rare. We offer competitively priced pest control services, such as bed bug treatments, carpenter ant treatments, sprays for earwigs, centipedes, and other occasional invaders; removal of yellow jackets and bald faced hornets nests, spider treatments, and much more. Please visit our awesome insect species pages for more details on nuisance insects common to northern Colorado.

Related Services

Creature Control does much more than animal removal and pest control. We provide a whole host of related services for those situations when a nuisance wildlife problem requires further services. Examples of some of these related services are installation of rat walls to keep burrowing animals from getting under decks, removing and replacing insulation damaged by animal droppings, repairing entry points to keep animals out, walking you through filing insurance claims for animal damage, and much more. Please visit our Related Services page for more information on the services we provide in the greater Boulder area. We also perform wood destroying pest inspections for VA loans and HUD mortgages.

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