What is a Wood Destroying Insect Inspection?

A wood destroying insect inspection is an inspection carried out by a certified pest control professional for the purpose of evaluating the presence of wood destroying insects in a home. Wood destroying insect inspection reports are always required for VA mortgages and VA refinances and may be part of conventional refinances, HUD mortgages, or general building inspections. In conventional real estate transactions is not uncommon for buyers to request a wood destroying insect inspection before agreeing to purchase a property.

What Sorts of Insects Destroy Wood in Colorado?

The most well-known type of wood destroying insect is the termite. Termites feed on moist or decaying wood and hence can do a lot of damage to a home once they have become infested. Termites, however, are not native to Colorado and are typically not found in here except in the southernmost counties bordering Indiana. Even there they are very rare.

Carpenter ants are the most common wood destroying insect in Colorado. Carpenter ants dig their tunnels out of moist wood. Powder post beetles and carpenter bees are also wood destroying insects common to Colorado.

What Wood Destroying Inspection Consist Of?

Plan on a wood destroying insect inspection taking a minimum of one hour. During that time, Creature Control’s technician will do a thorough evaluation of the structure looking for signs of wood destroying insect activity. This may be live insects, of course, but also includes dead insects, boring activity, exit holes, frass (powdery excreta of insects), sawdust, or shelter tubes. The technician will note what evidence of insect activity he sees. Visible damage due to wood destroying insects will be documented. ┬áIf there is no evidence of wood destroying insects, this will be noted.

Besides the main level of your home, the technician may need access to basements, crawlspaces, attic, garage, exteriors, porches, and any additions. If a technician cannot get access to one or all of these areas, he will note this on his report.

The technician may then note some recommendations about how to deal with any problems. All of his findings and suggestions will be noted on the Wood Destroying Insect Inspection Report form, which you will be given a copy of at the conclusion of the inspection. This is a standardized form used by all companies who provide wood destroying insect inspections. The wood destroying insect inspection report form’s technical name is Form NPMA-33, issued by the National Pest Management Association. Any company you hire to do this inspection should be using this form.

How Much Does A Wood Destroying Insect Inspection Cost?

Wood destroying insect inspections vary in cost depending on the location of the property, but you can typically expect to pay between $99 and $149. Please call the Creature Control office to schedule your wood destroying insect inspection.