Because Creature Control holds a residential building license, we are qualified not only to handle your animal removal needs, but any and all property wildlife restoration services as well. Creature Control is a full service wildlife damage restoration company. We understand that your wildlife problem may not necessarily end when the animal is removed from the house. Animals can damage property, sometimes to such a degree that major construction repairs are necessary.

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Here are some of the wildlife restoration services Creature Control provides:

Removal of Insulation Damaged by Urine and Feces and Installation of New Insulation.

Insulation is necessary to keep our homes warm, but it also provides a cozy habitat for certain animals to nest in. Mice, raccoons, red squirrels, and bats all destroy insulation. While sometimes the insulation damage is from gnawing or tearing activity (as in the case of red squirrels), in most cases insulation is damaged by the urine and feces of the animals. Bats and raccoons are especially destructive; an accumulation of feces and urine can destroy the insulation fibers and even soak the underlying wood or drywall. This detracts from the efficacy of the insulation and creates a health hazard. Creature Control’s restoration crews can remove damaged insulation and replace it with new insulation, ensuring that your wildlife control problem does not become an energy efficiency problem or a health problem.


Roofs are a common entry point for bats, raccoons and squirrels. Raccoons can tear off shingles, and squirrels may gnaw holes at various points. Creature Control provides all roofing construction relating to wildlife damage remediation, including removing and replacing sheathing, underlayment, shingles, soffits and gable vents. Creature Control is able to handle all aspects of roof reconstruction.

Ridge Vent Replacement

The ridge is the highest part of the roof is the ridge, which runs the entire length of the roof. The ridge vent is a vent that runs the length of the ridge; its purpose is to help ventilate the attic. Ridge vents are common entry points for bats, who crawl in through the vents and damage them. It often happens that part of an effective bat exclusion is the removal and replacement of damaged ridge vents. Creature Control’s technicians have years of experience removing and replacing ridge vents, as well as all other aspects of roof repair.

Repairs to Siding and Flashing

Raccoons and squirrels will often pry off siding and flashing; loose siding or unflashed areas can serve as entry points for mice and bats as well. Creature Control’s restoration services may include the installation of new flashing or the securing of loose siding.

Gutter Repairs

Gutters are a common means of transportation for squirrels; raccoons also will use gutters to grab on to as they climb on and off of the roof. Consequently gutters can take a lot of damage from an unwanted animal. A Creature Control wildlife restoration job may include the removal of old, damaged gutters and their replacement by new gutters.

Chimney Repairs

Chimney maintenance is obviously important for safe use of wood-stoves and fireplaces. But a dilapidated or improperly sealed chimney can also provide an entry point for all sorts of wildlife: chimney swifts, raccoons, squirrels, and bats all can enter the home through the chimney or openings where the chimney chase touches the roof. All our technicians are able to measure for and install chimney caps to protect your chimney against intrusive wildlife. Besides chimney cap installation, Creature Control also offers a variety of chimney repairs, including chimney crown seals, and recommendations for more intensive chimney construction repairs.

Maintaining or Restoring Air Quality

An accumulation of bat guano or raccoon urine and feces in an attic can have obvious detrimental effects to the air quality in your home. Bat droppings host a dangerous fungus called histoplasmosis; raccoon droppings host a dangerous nematode called leptospirosis. Thus a professional attic clean up poses significant challenges. To address this, Creature Control utilizes something called a negative air system (also known as negative air containment). This system ensures 5-6 air exchanges per hour in the work area with fresh, filtered air. It also keeps the air contained so that the remainder of the home is not contaminated by the attic air. This is essential; during the remediation process, the fungi spores and other unwanted material may become airborne, which can obviously be detrimental to health. Our negative airflow containment system ensures that your attic remediation can go forward with minimum danger to you and your family.

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