Municipal Governments

Municipal governments charged with providing a range of services and infrastructure to their residents may find themselves dealing with unwanted wildlife problems. Creature Control can help your city or township with its nuisance wildlife needs: Municipal rodent management programs, raccoon control at dumpster enclosures, insect pest control and Integrated Pest Management programs at municipal buildings, or simply knocking down hornets nests outside City Hall.

Creature Control uses flexible service arrangements for your needs; we can structure contractual arrangements for ongoing issues or provide one-time treatments when needed. Our online work order and invoicing system makes keeping track of jobs a breeze, and our 24 hour answering and emergency service ensures unexpected problems get prompt attention.

Contact Creature Control’s professional staff for answers to your municipal wildlife control needs.

Quick professional emergency response and friendly service; we will definitely use their service for any future problems that arise. We had an unwanted goose at the Millpond next to City Hall that had been attacking local residents and even attacked our City Manager! Creature Control was extremely prompt in their response and were able to capture the goose very quickly Jason is the local hero of the day!

-David C. Blackman
Assistant Director of the Department Of Public Services City of Brighton