Even after nuisance wildlife are removed, there may be damage to your home and property: roofing and chimney problems, structural damage, siding, and more. When it comes to repairing wildlife damage to your home, choosing a reputable and experienced company is paramount, not something you want to entrust to a typical handyman. Why is it better to use a wildlife control company like Creature Control?

Licensed Residential Builders & Colorado Law

Recent changes in Colorado law stipulate that a person or company performing more than $600 worth or repairs to a home must be either a licensed residential builder or hold a license to perform maintenance and alterations. When this was adopted, the writers of the regulation did not have nuisance wildlife repairs in mind. Hence there is some gray area in the law as to whether wildlife control operators performing, say, a $700 bat job come under the Colorado regulation or not.

Because there is a gray area in this aspect of the law, homeowners hiring wildlife controllers who are performing wildlife repairs without residential building permits are taking on a considerable amount of liability.

Creature Control: Licensed and Insured Residential Builders

Even though the State has not clarified whether these regulations apply to wildlife control operators, Creature Control goes above and beyond. We are licensed residential builders, so you can have peace of mind. We also have the proper insurance, training, and experience to look at your home from the vantage point of wildlife exclusion.

A roofer or handyman, no matter how skilled, is not trained to look for potential animal entry points. In fact, in many of the bat jobs we do, we find the bats were getting in through construction gaps left by the roofers who built the roof. The roof was not built “wrong” or improperly; it was just that a roofer is not trained to think in terms of bat prevention. Creature Control is. We can provide all building repairs necessary for an animal damage cleanup and restoration job.

Don’t use a handyman who might not know what to look for, or another wildlife company who is not licensed and insured. Let Creature Control’s licensed residential builders take charge of your wildlife damage repair job.

Please see our animal cleanup and restoration pages for more information on Creature Control’s related services!