Animal cleanup refers to the removal of animal urine and feces and the clean-up of odors associated with animal urine and feces. Clean-up of animal urine and feces in your attic or home is a very detailed process; it is often much more involved than simply vacuuming up droppings. It is important for animal clean-up to be done correctly; if it is not done properly, it can lead to additional loss from animal reentry Рand more financial headaches!

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Creature Control’s Animal Cleanup Services

Many companies offer professional clean-up services. What sets Creature Control apart?

We deal with animal problems on a daily basis. Creature Control technicians know how animals get into the house; we know their nesting habits and their biology. This allows us to comprehensively complete a job with no loose ends and no future problems.

Neutralizing Pheromones

It is especially important to deal with pheromones. Any mammal that has been in your attic will leave behind a pheromone scent. This pheromone tells other animals your attic is a warm, safe place to nest. If the pheromone scent is not neutralized, your attic will be at risk from other animals seeking entry. We can treat your attic space with an anti-mircobial agent and disinfectant that will sanitize the affected area and neutralize pheromone odors.

Urine and Feces Clean-Up

It is also important to properly clean up urine and feces. Urine often will soak down through insulation and damage the drywall in your ceiling. Both urine and feces can also host dangerous bacteria. Raccoon droppings are host to a dangerous nematode called leptospirosis. Bat droppings contain a fungal spore called histoplasmosis which can become airborne if the feces are disturbed. Creature Control’s process for feces removal utilizes negative air pressure system that keeps the airflow fresh during the remediation process and ensures that attic air does not get recirculated into the household.

Doing a proper animal clean-up mitigation/restoration job must include not only clean-up of the animal droppings, but also removal of the source of the odors, as well as maintenance and restoration of air quality. This is the only way to properly handle an animal clean-up job and prevent future loss.

Professional Credentials

Creature Control is licensed, insured, trained and certified in odor treatment and control by the IICRC.* See our insurance information page for more details on Creature Control’s related services!

*Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification

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