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Repairing and Preventing Animal Damage

Creature Control recognizes that remediating wildlife is uniquely challenging. These services might require a diverse array of repairs and preventative maintenance in addition to standard treatments. After pests are removed, damage to the building’s infrastructure might be seen, such as holes within roofing or siding, loose chimney caps or seals, or dented ridge vents. Reputable and experienced professionals are essential to properly restoring structural issues. Our restoration crew has additional training to look for potential animal entry points. Creature Control is an experienced, honest, and family-owned company that not only can handle your pest issue from start to finish but also provide the quality restoration services your home or business may need.

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Removing and Replacing Contaminated Insulation

Insulation is found in nearly all buildings and it is a wonderful habitat for pests like mice, raccoons, squirrels, and bats to nest in. Usually, feces and urine are the culprits for insulation damage, but gnawing and tearing can ruin the delicate fibers as well. Underlying wood and drywall can also be affected, as an accumulation of waste can soak through the insulation and saturate other building materials. Not only is this a health hazard; it also reduces the efficiency of the insulation. Our restoration crew can replace the damaged insulation with fresh, new filling to ensure your home is pest and hazard-free.

Repairing Roofs Due to Animal Damage

Bats, raccoons, and squirrels are common roof invaders. Bats can contaminate the area with their guano and urine, raccoons rip shingles and siding off, and squirrels expertly gnaw holes through soffit. Besides these already-obvious issues, water damage and mold growth can result as well. Even if the entry points are minor and exterior damage is minimal, a significant roof renovation might be necessary if the issues are left unrepaired. At Creature Control, our experts can professionally remove and repair sheathing, underlayment, shingles, soffits, and gable vents.

Installing Ridge Vents

Ridge vents are located at the highest point of a roof and run the rooftop’s entire length. Their purpose is to ventilate warm and humid air within the attic, running along the ridge. Bats are common ridge vent invaders. They regularly squeeze through the vent openings and nest in the attic. The vent itself is damaged in the process, along with the interior of your home. To completely remove the bats, it is often necessary to remove and replace the vents. Creature Control’s skilled crew has the expertise to remove and replace ridge vents as well as other rooftop parts.

Refurbishing Gutters and Soffits

Squirrels and raccoons often use gutters to climb on and off the rooftop and subsequently, they become damaged. Oftentimes when gutters are destroyed, so too are the soffits. They suffer the same bending, prying, and loose nails done to gutters. Moreover, birds, rodents, and other small pests will discover small openings within the soffit or fascia. They will chew through materials without haste. These pests are known to gnaw through wires and wood, which creates a fire hazard, and ruins insulation with their urine and feces, all while disrupting your peace of mind by being noisy. Creature Control employs a skilled team who have the experience and knowledge to refurbish gutters, soffits, and fascia.

Siding and Flashing Repair

Raccoons and squirrels have the capacity to target weak spots within siding or flashing and pry or gnaw through it with a dedicated persistence. Loose siding or areas with no flashing are susceptible to mice and bat invaders as well. Repeated deterrence or negligence by the homeowner will allow pests to enter their home. Our restoration crew has extensive practice finding and sealing entry points and replacing and installing new flashing or secure siding.

Repairing Chimneys Due to Animal Damage

Wood stoves and fireplaces require chimneys; in turn, these necessitate regular maintenance. An old or improperly sealed chimney is an irresistibly convenient structure for nesting critters. If your chimney has been idle for quite some time, you can expect to find bats, birds, squirrels, and even raccoons or opossums inside. Pests can become quite aggressive when it comes to protecting their young; never attempt to rehome or relocate them. Creature Control can handle all critter issues within chimneys and install chimney caps, crown seals, and a variety of other repairs. We also make recommendations for more complicated construction.

Restoring Purified Air Quality

Bat guano and urine combined with raccoon waste can negatively affect your home’s air quality. A fungal spore called Histoplasma originates from bat droppings and can cause lung and central nervous system issues. Leptospirosis, or roundworm, is a dangerous nematode present in raccoon droppings. Significant challenges in attic cleanups can arise; the attic air will need to be contained so the rest of the house won’t be contaminated. Even while donning protective masks and clothing, professionals can face significant challenges. During the remediation process, the fungi spores and bacteria can go airborne. Creature Control deploys a negative air system that exchanges five to six times per hour in the work area. Dirty, contaminated air is replaced by fresh, filtered air. This ensures your attic remediation will take place with minimum hazards exposed to you and your family.

Creature Control’s trained technicians can provide all building repairs necessary for complete animal damage cleanup and restoration. Call today to schedule a consultation. We may also help you walk through the insurance process to determine if your claim may be covered.