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How Do Mice Get in the Attic?

A common pest control problem we often run into is mice in the attic. But how do mice get up into the attic to begin with?

While we tend to imagine mice scurrying around on the ground, they are also excellent climbers. They can climb up to 13 inches on a smooth surface. On rougher surfaces that provide better footholds (like brick or wood) they can go up and down with ease. If you have mice in your attic, chances are they are climbing up the outside of the house somewhere and going in at the roofline.

Since part of an effective mouse treatment is sealing the home against reentry, Creature Control’s technicians always try to identify how mice are getting in to begin with. One of our technicians recently went to a home with a severe mouse problem in the attic. Upon inspecting the outside of the house, he noticed several locations where wood siding had been warped at the roofline. The mice were scampering up the brick facade of the house, under the wood siding, and right on into the attic. These warped openings had to be caulked to prevent the mice from getting in.

If your house has brick or wood siding, it is definitely at greater risk for mice being able to climb and access the roofline. But even houses with smooth surfaces like aluminum siding need to be aware of the extraordinary climbing abilities of mice. 

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