What is Humane Animal Control?

Creature Control is proud to offer Colorado and Wyoming’s most humane wildlife and animal control. But what does humane animal control mean exactly?

Animal Live Trapping

Most animals except for small rodents and moles are live trapped. Our traps are humane, meaning that they do not injure the animal. Once an animal is trapped and we are notified, we remove it within 24 hours. This ensures the animal does not suffer in the trap and complies with state law which mandates that no animal caught by a wildlife control company remain in a trap longer than 24 hours. With larger animals – such as skunks and groundhogs – we will often wrap the trap with cardboard. This keeps the trapped animal out of the sun and also restricts its field of sight, which helps to keep it calm while awaiting pickup.

Removal, Relocation and When an Animal Must be Put Down

When possible, animals we trap are removed and relocated at least ten miles away from the location we trap them at. Ten miles is far outside the radius within which most animals will scavenge and ensures that same animal will not be able to find its way back to your yard or home.Nellai SEO

It is sometimes necessary to put down a trapped animal, for example, with animals suffering from distemper. When we do put an animal down, we use only quick, humane methods approved by the Colorado Department of Natural Resources and the corresponding Wyoming DNR.

Kill Traps & Rodenticide

Despite our intent to live trap as much as possible, certain animals must kill trapped, like muskrats, for example. Other animals that must be kill trapped are those who are trap-shy. “Trap-shy” means an animal has been trapped and released too many times and knows not to go into traps. This is common with groundhogs and raccoons. Prairie dogs are another example of an animal where individual trapping is inefficient and lethal means are necessary. If ¬†we are unable to live trap your animal in a timely manner, the technician may recommend a kill trap (but please note that kill trapping in Colorado requires a permit to be pulled). Thus, even when circumstances require the death of the animal, Creature Control tries to do this in as humane a manner as possible.

Small rodents, such as mice and rats, are not trapped at all but dealt with through an application of rodenticide. There is no effective method of solving a mouse or rat infestation by live trapping.

Wounded Animals

Unfortunately, Creature Control does not currently have the facilities or the licensing to rehabilitate wounded animals – injured birds, hurt squirrels, sick dogs, etc. If you have wounded animal, please contact your local animal control or humane society for assistance.

Humane Pest Control and Integrated Pest Management

When applying these principles to pest control, things are a bit different. We certainly do not live trap and relocate earwigs, cockroaches or bed bugs. Effective pest control means extermination of unwanted insect populations. The only exception are honey bees, which we always attempt to extract alive and relocate to the keeping of a bee keeper. This is due to the importance of honey bees in the ecosystem and the prevalence of colony collapse disorder (CCD), an unexplained condition that is wiping out honey bees across the nation. But other than honey bees, our strategy with insects is to make them die.Nellai SEO

Even so, we make sure to utilize the principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in all our insect treatments. IPM is an approach to pest control that emphasizes environmental modifications and very specific, targeted pesticide applications for a holistic approach to pest control – as opposed to blanket bombing an entire house, massive fumigation with foggers, etc. Whenever possible, we use very specific, targeted pesticide applications, using the minimum amount of pesticide that is necessary to solve the problem. All pesticide applications are meticulously recorded (what we sprayed, where, and what quantity). When possible we use pesticides made from natural sources (pyrethrins, cedar oil).

There is no such thing as a “safe pesticide”, of course – after all, pesticides are made to kill other living things – but we strive to make our applications as least invasive as possible and educate customers on ways they can modify the environment to reduce the conditions conducive to pest infestations.

All Animals – All Insects

Creature Control is the only wildlife and pest control company in Colorado-Wyoming that handles both animals and insects, which are usually two separate industries. We have a thorough knowledge of the region’s wildlife problems and can help you find the least invasive and most cost effective way to handle it.

Creature Control

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