Colorado Creature Control Testimonials

Creature Control prides itself in offering exceptional service to customers, small and large. We take your wildlife pest issue seriously and provide prompt and professional service. Check out what our customers have to say at Google Reviews and below.

“I highly recommend Creature Control of Colorado. Dominic did an amazing job removing the momma raccoon and her litter from our house. He is highly skilled, full of good solution ideas, always responsive and on time, understood our panic (and stayed amazing calm), and not once did he try to sell me a long term contract like almost all the other companies I contacted tried to do. Raccoons have been evicted, thanks Dominic!”

David H.

“1. Real humans frequently answer the phone and are willing to give advice over the phone. 2. Your guys are always professional looking – well groomed and wear clean clothes and do not smoke or chew tobacco or other annoying habits. 3. Your guys (the ones I have met) are polite.”


“Dominic did a great job getting rid of the wasps for us, even volunteering to check the rest of the roof to make sure that no other nests were there. The Creature Control Service was great! Vonnie was very nice and professional on the phone to set up the appointment. We highly recommend Creature Control.”

Diane M.

“Dominic from Creature Control came to my rescue after I discovered wasps in my walls! Turns out they're not wasps, but eastern hornets that eat drywall. Regardless, it was very disturbing to see that they had eaten through the drywall and got into the house. Shudder. Dominic was able to kill the hornets with minimal damage and leave a residue to ensure further damage to the hive and deter future nesting. The drywall will need to be repaired, but it would have to be anyway because the darn hornets ate right through it. Ew. Thank you Dominic! I know who to call if any other pest issues arise. I highly recommend this company.”

Suzie I.

“We have had excellent results with our pest control needs and highly recommend this company. We have worked consistently with Daniel Gahlhoff and have always found him to be honest, careful, responsible, considerate and communicative. His model is pretty simple ~ he shows up, understands our needs and provides a quality service at a fair price. There is never any guesswork with Daniel.”

Susan D.

“Daniel was so wonderful! After another company had been out three times to try to get rid of the mom raccoon and babies in our attic, he got rid of them on his first try, and came back a few days later to verify that they were gone and to close up the hole they used to come in. He was friendly, courteous and professional. I just wish I had called this company in the first place.”

Lindsay M.

“We've been dealing with these "tiny little sugar ants" which come through undetectable tiny cracks in our kitchen backsplash area. They come every summer and disappear in the winter. We finally called Creature Control & Daniel Gahloff came out & quickly diagnosed our issue & came up with a two-pronged solution which he applied to our area both inside and most importantly the outside treatment. In two days time, we had no ants anywhere and they haven't returned. Daniel said that his treatment should hold for us for the rest of the year. We are so grateful! :-)”

Duane F.

“Highly recommended! Dominic Price is a true professional in every way! He humanely removed and relocated 2 raccoons from my chimney! Service was above and beyond my expectations!”

Brian R.

“Weird maybe not so weird. I had a baby bunny fall into my egress window well. I wasn't sure how to approach this situation without hurting the little animal. Call up creature control and a very nice lady explained what I could do and how I could get the baby bunny out of my window. Thankfully, I was able to catch it and release it successfully, a little scared, but safe back out into the world! Thank you for your wisdom!”

Anessa W.

“Most professional company that I have dealt with in a long time. Dominic was great and did everything he said that he would. His caring attitude in capturing a momma raccoon and 3 kids was what really impressed me.”

Ronald S.

“Great company. I had a huge group of honey bees looking to occupy the entrance to my temporary construction office. They were taking up shop right at the stairs. This was a huge problem. A couple on Friday, more on Saturday. 10k by Sunday. Don returned my request to contact from the website and I explained the issue. He quickly got to my site, even on Father’s Day. Once their he determined they were honey bees and contacted a bee keeper in the area who came and relocated the whole colony. By Monday morning, no bees and I was back in business. Thank you!”

M. Stephen

“Excellent Service and Thorough Professionals. We hired Creature Control of Colorado for complicated problem and they helped in excellent way. We have worked with Dominic from Creature Control of Colorado and he was excellent. Thank you very much. I highly recommend this company and Dominic Price to everyone.”

Mehul J.

“Creature Control is amazing! Dominic has serviced us out in Livermore, CO for the last two years and has done a great job of keeping our creatures here in the wild; like bats and rodents away from our house. Thank you Dominic! They do a great job!”

Cheryl O.

“My Mother-in-law Roberta had raccoons in her attic. I called Creature Control and they came and promptly removed the Mother Raccoon and her babies this past week. Dominic was really friendly and helpful. He even gave us advice on how to clean up the mess in her attic. We were so pleased with their service we are having their restoration crew come and give us an estimate on cleaning up the Raccoon mess in the attic! Thank you Dominic and Creature Control!”

Jennifer B.

“We spend part of our Winter every year warming up in Arizona. We came home twice in late 2017 to a destroyed pantry and rice, snacks, and dry noodles hidden all over the house along with the dirty droppings of mice. Living by the river we have always had issues with mice but it was getting worse and it was now out of control. I called Creature Control and Dominic came right away and placed bait traps inside and outside the house. We immediately noticed a difference - no mice. It has been over one year and we are still mouse-free - I have not had a single mouse dropping in my house since calling Creature Control. Dominic is great and Creature Control has wonderful customer service. I could not be happier. In fact, the only unhappy one in the house is our cat who loved the mouse sushi feast she had daily. She can't seem to find any mice now. Call Creature Control and Dominic for your mouse and rat problems - you won't be sorry.”

Lori M.

“Very efficient, affable and timely. Would recommend him to all my friends. Carrie”

Carrie N.

“Fantastic experience with this company and Dominic! We tried hard ourselves to trap a mink which killed off all our chickens and rooster and Dom came and took care of it so quickly. Great company to work with and they know what they're doing!”

Kathy S.

“Dominic's a really nice guy. And he caught our skunk! Highly recommended :)”

Genghis C.

“I called Creature Control because I am having a skunk problem. I had called the main office and left a message but they called me back within 5 minutes. Dominic came out as scheduled and we walked around my property and my neighbors and figured out where the skunk was living. Dominic was very nice and professional and knowledgeable about skunks. I also spoke with the main office and they were very friendly and helpful too. I really appreciated their friendly professional manner but also how quickly they responded to me. I will definitely use their services again and I highly recommend them!”

Jennifer P.

“Prompt, efficient, high quality service. I strongly recommend Creature Control. They did excellent work clearing out raccoon damage from the attic and installing new insulation. Absolutely competitive pricing too.”

Jackie E.

“Dominic did a great job catching and relocating two raccoons and cleaning up. Highly recommended.”

Sharon C.

“Two thumbs up for Dominic and Creature Control. Dominic was timely, professional and courteous. He was sensitive to our needs for humane treatment and followed through perfectly. I HIGHLY recommend this service.”

David O.

“Great company! Comes out quickly & is a real professional!”

Larisha B.

“Best company to call for any pest problems!”

Matt M.

“Creature Control was wonderful in dealing with my bee problem. Dominic was prompt, courteous, and knowledgeable. He explained the options clearly and took care of the problem with two visits, the second of which was without charge. Without question, I will use Creature Control for all of my pest problems.”

Bob V.

“Dominic was professional, courteous, and very knowledgeable. The best part is, we don't have any more mice living in our house...I would highly recommend this company.”

Rachel A.

“Creature Control was fantastic! we would highly recommend them. I say we because Dominic came to our house as well as my mother's, and everyone was more than happy with his work. He was friendly and professional, and in both instances "went the extra mile" without hesitation. He took care of our extensive yellow jacket and wasp problem quickly and thoroughly. He even removed some boards from our deck to reach the hidden nests, explaining which type of pests each were, and later showing us the discarded nests (we wanted to see). There were no quarterly contracts to sign, and we didn't feel like we were being pressured into anything we didn't need. He was honest and open, explaining everything, and was a pleasure to work with. We would call Creature Control again in a second!”

Lori M.

“We had a family of raccoons move into our chimney and we're glad we called Creature Control. They worked us into the schedule so that we didn't have to wait days for our problem to be dealt with. Dominic answered all our questions about the removal process and obviously knew his business. We would definitely call again if we had an animal or insect problem.”

Sid S.

“On Memorial Day, Dominic removed two chipmunks from our laundry room vent fan. He’s really good at this. Since then, we’ve become regular clients.”

Terry S.

“OH MY GOODNESS!! I am SO thankful I found the friendly folks at Creature Control of Colorado!! Was busy getting my rental property ready for walk thru's when......UGHHHH!!.......a terrible smell started to make it's way up to the living quarters from underneath the home~ This was the last thing I needed!!! I called Creature Control and they immediately switched their schedule around slightly so as to get to me early the next day. Dominic was a true professional and took everything in stride. He removed a feral momma cat that had passed and put two cute little kittens in a container so I could either give them to the Humane Society or feed them myself (been working on that for the last day!) I highly recommend this very customer oriented and professional service, I KNOW I will be referring them to all!! Thanks Much, Claude”

Claudia S.

“Highly professional and respectful!”

Bethany B.

“I had mice, but don't anymore. Their stuff and techniques worked perfectly and fixed the problem.”

Reven R.